Accounting for German bunquerettes & bunquers

Gunnar shared this question 7 months ago

Dear all,

on bunq‘s recommendation page for compatible accounting programs I found informeronline.eu, which is the only company with German Tax Support.

I tested it yesterday for the first time, set up my bunq account and so on, and it worked quite well besides some translation problems.

I suppose that within the next years no German Accountant Program will be compatible with bunq, we should feed informeronline maybe with feedback to create a finally very good product for private and freelancer usage.

What do you think?

All the best to my fellow bunquerettes & bunquers,


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Good morning Gunnar!

First of all: love your enthusiasm 🔥 Besides that I also think it's a very good idea if you feed informeronline from feedback! Just like us, every company likes feedback of their users. Let's see what other bunqers think of this idea?