bunq update #6

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bunq Update


That's a wrap! 🙏 Thank you all so much for turning bunq Update #6 into a booming success.

We're incredibly thankful for all the bunqers that make bunq better each and every day. Thanks to your involvement and feedback on together.bunq.com we were able to make amazing new features that we know you will absolutely love. Check them out: ✨

  • Dual PIN - A few weeks ago we released Dual PIN. A patent pending technology that lets you connect your card to two bank accounts at the same time. Connect your card to your grocery account and your party account, and set up a secondary PIN so you can pay with both without needing to make any in-app changes!
  • Wildcards We realized that you prefer the freedom to choose the cards that come with your Premium membership. With Wildcards you can freely choose your mix of Maestro and Mastercards. Find yourself somewhere where you would prefer Mastercards? No worries: you can change your combination anytime, anywhere.
  • Joint Accounts Getting a Joint Account traditionally meant you need to go to a branch, with your partner, and fill out tons of paperwork. Our Joint bunq Accounts can be set up with as many partner(s) as you want, straight from your phone. Without paperwork, without branch visits. Welcome to the 21st century!
  • bunq Pack bunq Pack lets you combine up to four full bunq Premium memberships, or three Premium memberships and one Business, for just € 19.99. Perfect for anyone who is excited about bunq and wants to excite others too.
  • bunq.me Do you have a great creative ideas that need funding? Are you planning on getting together to buy someone the birthday or wedding gift of their dreams? With this feature you can create a personal webpage and use it to raise money for whomever, whatever and wherever you want. Straight from your phone.

You can check out all of these new features on Together by clicking the links above!

Curious to see the Update #6 video? You will find it here: https://vimeo.com/245136014

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