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We want you to be able to raise money for your creative projects and anything else you desire, at any time and anywhere. 🎁 That's why, during bunq Update #6, we launched the all new bunq.me feature!

Today we are super happy to introduce to you artist Wouter Willebrands! Together with his girlfriend Kim Schonewille he created bunq.me/brandschoon. Brandschoon is, besides their two last names combined, the name of an ongoing project with the goal of opening a two-storied workplace for artists of all kinds. 🎨


Painters, animators, movie makers and anyone else who wants to practice their craft among their peers will have somewhere to go. Or as Wouter puts it: "This project is meant to help artists create pieces of work that they might not have been able to pull off by themselves."

"My girlfriend Kim and I want to have this workspace ready to go by the end of next year. She's a filmmaker 🎥 and without a space like this we cannot start the kind of projects we want to work on the most. Our goal is to create an Artistic Hub for artists as well as for lovers of the arts itself."

"Anyone that is willing to contribute will always be welcome to come and visit us. We care deeply about connection, participation and togetherness. It shouldn't be one-sided. We would love to see contributors come over to visit or even make art with us!"


Brandschoon should be up and running in the fall of 2018, and Wouter tells me a website will also be made in due time. Until then, Wouter, Kim and others will work towards realizing the workspace! 😄

Curious about Wouter and Kim's work? Then it's probably a good thing that they both have websites! 🙏 Check out Wouter's stuff here, and Kim's work over here.

If you could realize any dream project, what would yours be? Let us know! 🙌

- Jan

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Thanks Jan, for the nice interview! It was great to meet you and some of your very friendly and slightly weird colleagues at the Bunq headquarters and talk about this project.

We've just signed the contract for the construction of the working space and even received the first donation!

I'll post new developments on this project and its realization here, so stay tuned!