Donatiepagina aanmaken zonder zakelijk account

Hananja shared this question 1 week ago

Ik wil Bunq graag gebruiken voor mijn (soon-to-be) stichting. Omdat de registratie nog niet rond is, kan ik geen zakelijk bunq account aanmaken. Wel is alles omtrent de stichting al online en zijn we al aan het werk. Ik heb bunq oa genomen ivm de donatie functie, maar ik kan dit niet terugvinden in de app.

Is er een manier om dit toe te passen?

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Hello Hananja,

I hope you don't mind that I reply to you in English.

So this is a very good topic to have as we're certain other bunqers might stumble upon the same situation and want to find an alternative = the bunq.me crowdfunding feature!

Since your business account registration is still being set up, you can most definitely use the bunq.me feature as an alternative and you can do that directly through your personal account, which is a link you can find on your profile page, right under your name 🙌

You can read more about setting it up here and another nice visual step-by-step explanation of what you can do with bunq.me here 🌈