I wish for a better overview of payments and scheduled payments in BUNQ

Daniel shared this idea 2 months ago

I've been with BUNQ for a month and I'm extremely happy :) But I am also starting to get a bit confused: the more aspects of my financial life I move to BUNQ, the more confusing my experience gets and the more time I spend tapping around in the app in order to make sure everything is good.

First issue:

The individual account overviews are populated with unnecessary information. "Payment Scheduled", "Scheduled Payment canceled", "Authorised online payment" etc. While in some cases it can be useful to see this information, it belongs more to a "log" than to an account overview. IMHO the account overview should only show transactions that add or remove funds from your account. A long list of + and -.

The first solution:

Add a toggle switch to show/hide the "log style" transactions. Toggling it on would show all the extras, turning it off would result in an account overview with only actual transactions.

Second issue:

The individual account overviews do not show future scheduled payments for that account alone. Funny enough, because of the first issue described above, there will be a "Payment scheduled" entry, but unless you tap it, there is no information about the amount or the date on which it will occur, and if you have several scheduled payments, you have to swipe down, find each individual log from the day you scheduled the payment, tap on it, and then see the info you need.

The second solution:

Add a "scheduled payments" view for each individual account. Tap this, you're shown a list of upcoming scheduled payments, as well as direct debit agreements. BUNQ allows you to have up to 25 accounts in order to plan your financial life. great. I personally only use 5 or 6, and it's already becoming confusing the way things are now.

The third issue:

The existing Events -> Scheduled overview is also not very helpfull. For Instance, let's say you have an account for your main house and account for your holiday house. In each account you have the payments for that house: mortgage, rent, bills etc. Every month, you have a scheduled payment from your salary account to each of those accounts. The existing "scheduled" overview will show this as a hot mess, all payments mixed, and all as a negative. -minus rent, -minus bills and minus the money you transfer to that account to pay for the rent and the bills. It doesn't make sense, and when you have many accounts and payments, it becomes too confusing.

The third solution:

Group the "Scheduled" overview by account. This solves the second issue too. Each account group shows payments from that account as negative and payments to that account as positive.

Please BUNQ, I love you, you are cool and nerdy and fancy and I am proud of you, but I wish you made my life a bit easier and my finances more glancable. I feel that often useful functionality is missing in order to advance some colorfull snappy design feature. I love those too, but I might not have the time to enjoy them, if I am busy trying to understand my finances.

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Hi Daniel!😃

Thanks for sharing your input with us!

We are suckers for transparency, which is why we display every single event in your events overview.

Regarding the scheduled payments overview per account, how would you like to see this displayed?

Perhaps a button right under Top Up?

Also, bunqers let us know what you think in the comments below😃