Meet the bunq family: Roos

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We love to share the stories and passion of the people that work here at bunq! Without further ado meet Roos, HR lead and longtime bunqer. 😃

“While studying I was always intrigued by the big corporates right across my university campus. Therefore after my graduation, I applied at a huge recruitment consulting firm and got in! Formal clothing, huge hierarchical structures and a lot of cold calling; I knew working at a big corporate wasn’t for me. I then spotted a very vague but interesting video on a website which was called Project Clear (which soon became bunq). Not very clear to me, but I decided to apply. Two interviews later I started the job where up until now I’ve learned everything you need to know about Recruitment, HR, Training and IT.

Every stage and phase of bunq is different, so the dynamics are great. Moreover, I work with people who are dedicated and smart. People I would never have met in a corporate environment! I also never “look at the clock”, so my days run by like minutes and that’s just because the work is impactful. I’m doing stuff here which I couldn't have done anywhere else!

My biggest challenge was when we were moving offices. A day before the actual move we found out that the internet connection in our new office would not work by the time we moved in.😱 Being an IT company, it’s not an option to have no Wi-Fi. I believe we called at least 10 companies and even asked our new neighbours to help out (which made a great first impression ;-)). So then, as bunqers help bunqers, we found our lifesaver.🙏 He was able to put up a microwave connection between our old office and the new office, saving the day. It was a huge project but we made it and the office (our bunqr) is the place we all feel at home.

I think our launch and the week after was probably the most memorable time. Working for 110 hours that week and still standing as a team was a once in a lifetime experience. More recently we have had the one year party, which probably was one of the best parties in my life. Our whole office turned into something unrecognisable, with a ballroom, food trucks, two music areas, a photo booth room and people dressing up. The cleanup was also very memorable ;-).”🙈


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Nice to meet you Roos 🌷👍😃


Hi there Roos!

I love how the Bunq staff is so passionate about what they do.

Awesome post!