Payment categories and analytics for personal finances management

Jorge Alves Lino shared this idea 1 week ago

I saw in some other post that some customers looks for integration with AFAS. Maybe for business clients the complexity of AFAS is necessary. For private customers, with a domestic economy, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a simple way of, in-app within bunq, being able to attribute categories to payments, and having a simple analytics system? I believe Revolut offers this, but I am sure that such functionality delivered in the excellent user experience of bunq would certainly be a useful tool to manage personal finances.

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Hello Jorge 👋

Thank you for your well-thought suggestion and thorough explanation.

As you mentioned, you have found similar topics on the same wavelength of your question/suggestion such as this one.

We are always working to provide our users with an excellent user experience; you are spot on that! 🌈

We gather all of your ideas and keep them in consideration for future implementations. I'll go ahead and turn your question into a wishlist as well.💡

Let us open the doors to this topic and see what other users think of this idea as well?


For me, I don’t want my bank to do this.. because.. 1: it will never be complete, for example mortgage account is somewhere else, Visa card is somewhere else, etc etc; 2: other apps are specialized in doing this, so let them do it and use the api to connect them; 3: I want bunq to put there energy in better banking (bunqinq) things...

May I suggest you use YNAB? There’s a connector available which combine bunq and YNAB.