Personalise your accounts!

Patrick shared this question 3 months ago

The bunq app allows you to change your account avatars and names to whatever you want whenever you want it! That’s what I call true freedom! ✌

Did you ever have the feeling that your account overview looks a bit boring? 😔 Or that it can maybe be a bit clearer. Is the name of your first account still bunq account and does it still have that boring default icon. Well surprise! I will go trough the steps of changing your overview to something better! 🌈

I personally use this when I go on a trip somewhere I name my account ‘Trip to Dublin 🍀’ and recycle it again for my next trip to for example the US and name it 'Trip to NYC 🗽'

So let's get right to it

So to start our little adventure you first have to be logged in.

Step 1: Make sure you are on the accounts tab.

Step 2: Click on the account you want to personalise.


Step 3: Click on settings:


Step 4: Click on edit!


Step 5: Click on pick photo and choose an amazing picture and change the text to be whatever you like!


Step 6: Click on save.


Step 7: Repeat this till you have the result you want and you could have something amazing like this!


If you need help finding nice icons for your accounts you can always check together! Here's a topic which might help :)

Have fun making your account overview awesome! ✌

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