System Status - everything up and running?

Christoph shared this idea 6 months ago

Hey there, bunq transparency is outstanding i.e. on twitter but here is an idea how to make it even better. StarlingBank in the UK had a nice idea how to do it. Its a status page on all systems. Look at that: https://starlingbank.statuspage.io

I like that...giving me an addional layer that everything is fine or a warning. maybe that could be added to the bunq app as well. What do you think?

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Hey Christoph,

it is a really nice idea, I'm sure it will get lots of 👍 !

You could check out such a page when you're not sure if a service is having hiccups just for you or for everyone.

Happy to hear you like the way we keep our users posted via notifications, Twitter and Together posts when something affects our services 🚑

Also, be aware that you can already monitor iDeal 📈 here: https://availability.ideal.nl/History?bank=bunq




Great idea. For our internal monitoring it is great to check these pages in case warnings go off.