Tap&Pay with MasterCard instead of Maestro

Johannes shared this idea 1 week ago

I love the Tap & Pay feature on android (and I will love it more with Google Pay Support ;)) but when you are going abroad Mastercard is accepted much more often than Maestro and you will be forced to use the bunq plastic card again.

It would be so nice if you can chose which one you like to use for Tap & Pay, (Google Pay ;)), .. Or/And if you could switch with one button between Mastercard and Maestro (Maestro for europe, Mastercard when you are going abroad).

It would be great for the users and for bunq:

The users can pay at more locations worldwide and bunq will probably get more money out of the payments (1,5% fee with other currencies), because I personally am using an other card for other currencies because of the fees, but when it's still as easy to pay in other currencies as in euro with tap & pay I would chose bunq more often even with the fee.

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Hi Johannes,

Thanks for sharing this idea!

We currently have our Maestro card as the card option for Tap & Pay because it is widely used for payments within the Netherlands, and because online payments aren't needed when using Tap & Pay.

With this being said, I can see how also incorporating our Mastercard would expand upon being able to travel more freely- so consider it a wish ✨!

Would other bunqers like to have both cards as an option too? Let's find out!

Cheers 😄