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Sharing the bunq Pack

Community Dennis Experiences Comments: 184 Reply 15 minutes ago by Phil
77 votes

Alexa and bunq

Wish Jurjen General Comments: 6 Reply 2 hours ago by Jurjen
8 votes

Custom card / gepersonaliseerde pas

Wish Yasin Ideas Comments: 56 Reply 2 hours ago by Joseph
243 votes

New bunq release notes 🌈 - 7.12.0

bunq Update Tom Updates Comments: 14 Reply 10 hours ago by Yasin
19 votes

Card Names in App

Wish Matthias Comments: 10 Reply 15 hours ago by Matthijs
80 votes

iOS 11 notification bubble

Question Délano Comments: 19 Reply 15 hours ago by Maurice
21 votes

Bunq app integration with Android wear

Wish Wessel Ideas Comments: 14 Reply 16 hours ago by Max
35 votes

Beschrijving bij Description at page

Wish adOrbit Ideas Comments: 4 Reply 18 hours ago by Tim
15 votes

Tizen os app

Question Aswin Comments: 3 Reply 23 hours ago by Mario
3 votes

Connect user's bank account through API

Community Wouter API Comments: 1 Reply 1 day ago by Gregory G.
2 votes

Top Up account with Debit/Credit card

Wish Damien Ideas Comments: 9 Reply 1 day ago by Ivan
48 votes

bunq is everywhere!

Community Giampaolo Experiences Comments: 23 Reply 1 day ago by Leo
24 votes

Export bank statement and confirmation of payment

Wish J. A. Ideas Comments: 12 Reply 1 day ago by Leo
63 votes

Developer API key to create Company user

Question Tobias 1 day ago API No Comments
3 votes

bunq hackathon

Community Amanda Experiences Comments: 8 Reply 1 day ago by Margit
34 votes

iDIN implementatie

Wish Wouter Ideas Comments: 100 Reply 1 day ago by Michael
248 votes
37 votes

bunq vs N26

Community Dennis Experiences Comments: 150 Reply 2 days ago by Marco
56 votes

Legal link in map not working

Question Jos Comments: 2 Reply 2 days ago by Steffany
2 votes
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