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Connect user's bank account through API

Community Wouter API Comments: 1 Reply 1 day ago by Gregory G.
2 votes

Developer API key to create Company user

Question Tobias 1 day ago API No Comments
3 votes

BunqDesktop client

Community Gregory G. API Comments: 223 Reply 3 days ago by Gregory G.
308 votes


Question Nick D. API Comments: 1 Reply 3 days ago by Phil
10 votes

API key with scopes

Wish Xander API Comments: 15 Reply 4 days ago by Freek
61 votes

Accounting integration: Xero

Question Kevin API Comments: 36 Reply 6 days ago by Umsjatka
126 votes

PHP SDK. Api key koppelen lukt niet / API key does not connect

Question Tim API Comments: 6 Reply 1 week ago by Bastiaan
1 vote

API callback without domain name or certificate

Question Wessel API Comments: 10 Reply 1 week ago by Wessel
8 votes

Firefly-III - a personal finances manager with bunq integration

Community casdr API Comments: 20 Reply 2 weeks ago by Phil
29 votes

Create extra 25 accounts via the bunq API

Question Ebioro 2 weeks ago API No Comments
1 vote

Making sure bunq is always lowercase

Question Thijs 2 weeks ago API No Comments
4 votes

Odd output of session-server endpoint

Question Jeroen API Comments: 4 Reply 2 weeks ago by Kevin🌈
3 votes

Multi-Callbacks from your API

Question Stephan API Comments: 27 Reply 3 weeks ago by Délano
19 votes

Simulate card payments in sandbox

Wish Bastiaan API Comments: 1 Reply 4 weeks ago by John D.
8 votes

API ACL levels.

Wish Gijs API Comments: 6 Reply 1 month ago by Margit
27 votes

New API doc & Swagger endpoint!🎉

bunq Update Steffany API Comments: 29 Reply 1 month ago by João
31 votes

Top-up via API

Question Juan API Comments: 2 Reply 1 month ago by Juan
9 votes

Python SDK list of new payments

Question Sjoerd API Comments: 14 Reply 2 months ago by Charl
13 votes
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