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bunq design suggestions

Community Anonymous Ideas Comments: 178 Reply 3 hours ago by John D.
286 votes


Wish Michael Ideas Comments: 50 Reply 5 hours ago by Koen
87 votes


Wish Jan Ideas Comments: 8 Reply 17 hours ago by Sander
27 votes

3D Secure

Wish Imrö Ideas Comments: 18 Reply 1 day ago by Tobi
89 votes

Pay from account screen

Wish Eric Ideas Comments: 8 Reply 1 day ago by Tobi
51 votes

Carddesign for kidsaccount

Wish Thijs Ideas Comments: 2 Reply 1 day ago by Thijs
4 votes

Description of request and amount in e-mail

Wish CCP Ideas Comments: 3 Reply 1 day ago by Koen
19 votes

BunqWeb Project

Question Dennis S. Ideas Comments: 37 Reply 1 day ago by Bastiaan
57 votes

Betalingen alloceren naar andere bunq rekening

Wish Duco Ideas Comments: 7 Reply 2 days ago by DaveFlash
27 votes

Lets make a Bunq store

Wish Youp T. Ideas Comments: 43 Reply 3 days ago by Michiel
125 votes

Preview payment request

Wish Pim Ideas Comments: 3 Reply 3 days ago by Pim
7 votes

Desktop App or Webb app

Wish Auke Ideas Comments: 22 Reply 3 days ago by Jef S.
350 votes

Auto top-up vanuit Bunq account

Wish Stephan Ideas Comments: 5 Reply 3 days ago by Pim
29 votes

Apple Watch app

Wish Tom Ideas Comments: 9 Reply 3 days ago by DaveFlash
93 votes

Total amount

Wish Almar Ideas Comments: 29 Reply 3 days ago by Kevin
161 votes
13 votes

Factuur per e-mail

Wish Marcus S. Ideas Comments: 8 Reply 5 days ago by Marcus S.
21 votes
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