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Design suggestions #2

Wish Koen Ideas Comments: 80 Reply 9 minutes ago by Andrii
21 votes

NFC secondary (backup) account

Wish Jonathan Ideas Comments: 6 Reply 13 minutes ago by Andrii
25 votes

What's the idea with the new milestone badges?

Question Bryan Comments: 168 Reply 1 hour ago by Harald
146 votes

rekening voor ZZP'er

Question Guido Comments: 3 Reply 2 hours ago by Koen
3 votes

Change Card Arrangement

Implemented Luca S. Ideas Comments: 16 Reply 2 hours ago by Johannes
27 votes


Question Andi Comments: 17 Reply 2 hours ago by Nick
16 votes

Description doesn't show all payment info

Question Casper Comments: 3 Reply 3 hours ago by Casper
2 votes

Idee: Stel een FAQ op.

Question Hans Comments: 5 Reply 3 hours ago by Lucas
25 votes

Hello Amazon

Story Jan-Peter Updates Comments: 20 Reply 7 hours ago by Gregory G.
43 votes

Datum ipv “gisteren” of “vandaag”

Wish Hubertus Ideas Comments: 6 Reply 9 hours ago by LIESBRAM B.
32 votes

Python SDK list of new payments

Question Sjoerd API Comments: 14 Reply 1 day ago by Charl
5 votes

We want Apple pay

Wish MP Ideas Comments: 281 Reply 1 day ago by Margit
574 votes

Facebook Tracking Pixels

Question Kevin Comments: 62 Reply 1 day ago by Reinier
102 votes

Solved ConX N. Comments: 19 Reply 1 day ago by Simon M.
22 votes
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